Konami Slot Machines

East Coast Slots is proud to carry Konami Slot Machines.  Konami is a Japanese company that has made a huge impact on the US and international markets.  Many people are fans of the enhanced sound and fun game themes Konami has to offer.  The first of Konami’s machines to become widespread in the US were the advantage reel games and the herculite videos.  More recently Konami has released the K2V and the Podium which have become famous worldwide.  Konami actually got its start as a video game company back in the late 70’s.  In 1980 Konami released the world famous “Frogger” arcade game.  As the company expanded at an extreme rate and became a household name, it only made sense for them to break into the slot industry.  Konami Slot Machines were originaly manufactured for Asia but the machines were so good that they quickly spread world wide.  Now Konami is one of the giants in the industry with an impressive machine collection that players love and ask for.  Konami Slot Machines have proven themselves over time and make a great addition to any casino.

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