WMS BBxD Metascreen

WMS BBxD Metascreen

The WMS BBxD Metascreen is next step up from the already proven xD cabinet.  This cross-over cabinet provides the comfort of a slant top with the convenience and footprint of and upright slot machine.  This is great for both player and operator.  The player gets the benefit of all the added comfort while the operator can place these cabinets without losing valuable floor space.  The WMS BBxD Metascreen also shares all the same great features of the Bluebird 2.  The WMS BBxD Metascreen comes standard with next generation Bose audio system, 22″ lower LCD, 28″ upper “Meta” LCD, and a dynamic and fully programmable button panel.  The main difference in the 2 xD cabinets is the huge upgraded LCD that comes on top of the WMS BBxD Metascreen.  How do you make a great thing better?  Put bigger LCDs in it!  WMS has taken that theory and nicely upgraded the xD cabinet.

Here at East Coast Slots, the new hot item lately has been equipping the WMS BBxD Metascreen cabinet with the WMS Blade CPU NXT 3.2 board.  This allows for all the cutting edge Blade game themes to be used.  It allows players the chance to play some of the hottest game themes like OMG! Kittens, Gorilla Chief II, Montezuma, and many more.  CPU NXT 3.2 board quantities are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  Don’t miss out.  Contact us now.

WMS BBxD Metascreen Features

  • Available in Video and Mechanical Transmissive Reels versions
  • This cross-over cabinet provides the comfort and sightlines of a slant top with the convenience and footprint of an upright slot
  • Emotive lighting for visual appeal and enhanced game experience
  • Comfort features of leg clearance and an integrated footrest
  • Ergonomic screen positioning for reduced glare
  • Synergy of padded armrest and button panel delivers high level of comfort
  • Ease of play enhanced by intuitively located player interfaces
  • Space for networking gear provided in base
  • Configuration options provide for unique gaming experiences
Players Favorite WMS BBxD Metascreen Themes (NXT2 CPU)

Lil Red (pictured), Spartacus Gladiator of Rome, Tower of the Temples, Van Helsing, Forbidden Dragon, Goldfish 3, Queen of the Wild 2, Zeus III, Zues II, Life of Luxury 2, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Press Your Luck, Monopoly, Goldfish, Zodiac Sisters, Giant’s Gold, Golden Maiden, Game Chest series, Golden Emporer, Rome and Egypt, Tiger’s Realm, Dragon’s Realm, Kingdom of the Titans, Bier Haus, Little Red, Wizard of Oz, Best Things in Life, Reel em In, Pegasus III, Crystal Forest, Black Knight, Thumbelina, Fallen Angels, Wicked Beauty, Country Girl, and Jungle Wild III

Players Favorite WMS BBxD Metascreen Themes (NXT3.2 CPU)

Raging Rhino, Montezuma, Wicked Dragon, Bull Elephant, Magic Lamp, Snow Leopard, Magic Lamp, 9 Suns, Great Zeus, The Booted Cat, Dancing in Rio, Pirate Queen, OMG! Kittens, Dragon’s Fire, OMG! Puppies, Royal Prince, Diamond Hunt, Dragon Mistress, Lady Godiva, Fashionista, and Sea of Tranquility.

Types of bill acceptors compatible with WMS BBxD Metascreen

  • JCM iVision
  • Mars Cashflow

Types of printers compatible with WMS BBxD Metascreen

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Gen 2 RS232
  • Ithica 950
  • Handpay Only (no printer)

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