WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion

WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion

The WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion is the latest addition to our stock of newer slot machines.  Since the Bluebird 3 cabinets are so new, we have yet to see many of them in the second hand market.  We strive to offer our customers the latest and greatest though and have come up with the WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion.  We take a Bluebird 3 board and install it into the already stylish and proven Bluebird 2 Cabinet.  This offers our customers a chance to introduce some of WMS newest game themes at a fraction of the cost.  WMS has really taken the lead in the industry as far as software development goes.  This is the best way to introduce it to your floor without paying brand new prices.  The WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion would make a stunning addition to any slot floor.  Quantities are limited at the moment due to high demand so be sure to inquire soon to take stock or be put on the list.

  • Beautiful slim 21.5″ cabinet design
  • Dual 22″ Widescreen High Definition Displays
  • Your choice of static or Dynamic Button Panels
  • Next Generation Bose audio system
  • Powerful CPU NXT3 technology platform

Players Favorite WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion Game Themes

Raging Rhino (pictured), Montezuma, Wicked Dragon, Bull Elephant, Magic Lamp, Snow Leopard, Magic Lamp, 9 Suns, Great Zeus, The Booted Cat, Dancing in Rio, Pirate Queen, OMG! Kittens, Dragon’s Fire, OMG! Puppies, Royal Prince, Diamond Hunt, Dragon Mistress, Lady Godiva, Fashionista, and Sea of Tranquility.

WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion machines are available in 2 button styles

  • Standard button panel (static)
  • Smart Button Panel

Types of bill acceptors compatible with WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion

  • JCM iVision
  • Mars Cashflow

Types of printers compatible with WMS Bluebird 3 Conversion

  • Gen 2 Universal
  • Gen 2 Netplex
  • Ithica 950
  • Handpay Only (no printer)

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