Here at East Coast Slots, we take pride in the quality of reconditioned slot machines that leave our facility.  Our reconditioning/refurbishing process is the best in the business thanks to our high standards, exceptional technical ability and rigorous quality control.  Below you will find our 9 step refurbishing process which will help you fully understand how much time and effort goes in to our reconditioned slot machines:

1) After an order has been placed and the deposit has been received, the “pull order” goes out to the warehouse crew. The warehouse crew then finds all of your equipment (based on the specs or exact serial numbers) for the order and brings it up to the staging area.  At that point the machines are double-checked against the pull order for accuracy, then placed on the cleaning bench to start the second part of our 9 step process.

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2) One the machines are brought to the cleaning bench, our cleaning crew will  begin the disassembly of the machines. Just about everything inside will be removed during this extensive cleaning process.  One person will begin the inside cleaning of the cabinet while another is individually detailing all internal parts.  Once the inside of the cabinet is done, the detailed parts will be reinstalled until the machine is complete again.

3) Once the cleaning and detail process is complete, the machines will go though a cleaning quality check to ensure everything is of the highest quality and reassembled correctly.  At that point the machines are then ready to be transferred to the “tech area” for the next step in the refurbishing process.

4) Once the technical crew receives your machines they will begin by verifying your game themes and options with the work order.  Any game themes, buttons, switches, BV’s, or printers that need to be changed will be done at this point,before the testing begins.

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5) After the machines have all the proper peripherals installed, each individual part of the machines will be tested to ensure East Coast Slots quality. Tested parts include LCD, touch screen, bill acceptors, fans, printers, buttons and switches, power supplies, main boards, in and out functions, ballasts and lights, etc.  We will also remove your bill validator from the cabinet and calibrate it to ensure proper bill acceptance.  The Printer head will also be cleaned and tested to ensure smooth printing. Once every component on the machine has been thoroughly tested, the machines will be cleared and reset to your specific instruction including denom, percentage, and currency accepted.

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6) When a technician is done with a machine he signs off on it.  It must then be quality check by a different technician who will retest every aspect of the machine, verify all settings and components with the work order and then also sign off that the machine has been completed.  The technical team leads will then perform a second quality check to ensure maximum quality and make sure everything is up to East Coast Slots standards.  The machines will then be left up and running for a day minimum in the South Florida warehouse to verify there are no heat or time related issues that are hard to find during the refurbishing process.

7) Completed machines will then be collected by the warehouse crew and taken to a staging area for the final inspection and shipping preparations.  Prior to being wrapped for shipment, our cleaning crew will come to the staging area to do one final cleaning.  The insides will be blown out with compressed air and the outsides will be wiped down one last time to remove any dust they have collected.

8) At this point we verify all the serial numbers, software, themes, manufacture dates, and specs with our inventory.  Anything special for gaming compliance will be checked as well.  If needed, the software will be removed and sent to gaming or any other special need you may have for shipping will be taken care of.

9) All machines will now get packed for shipment.  The warehouse crew will carefully bubble wrap each machine, cover any glass or extruding piece in cardboard and wrap the entire machine in stretch wrap. If the shipment is going LTL or by palette, they will also palletize the machines and strap them down. They will also collect your spare parts package (should you include one with your order) and get them boxed and ready for shipment.

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As you can see from our rigorous 9 step process, you will receive only the best reconditioned slot machines when you place an order with East Coast Slots.  We have worked over 20 years to streamline and perfect the “shop” process and take pride in each game that leaves our facility.