Slot Machine Parts

Slot Machine Parts

If you came looking for slot machine parts, you’ve come to the right place.  East Coast Slots has one of the largest slot machine parts inventories in the nation from LEDs to full conversion kits.  If it goes anywhere inside a slot machine, we probably have it.  Currently we have about 5000 square feet dedicated to parts alone and stacked to the ceiling. If you have a bad or missing part, chances are we have a good replacement.  In the case of bad parts, you may also want to inquire about our expert Repair Services.  We also sell several different upgrade kits.  We can upgrade you to newer bill acceptors, convert your static buttons to smart button panels, upgrade the size of some LCD’s, and many other nice upgrade options.

Here are a few of our more popular slot machine parts

These are just a few of our most asked about slot machine parts.  Because of the complexity of it and the sheer volume of slot machine parts we carry, we aren’t going to list every one of them on the website.  Once again, if it’s inside a slot machine, chances are we have it. Feel free to Contact Us about anything you might be looking for.  We’ll be able to give you pricing and availability quickly.


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If you are looking for parts to machines we don’t carry, we highly recommend

Suzo Happ

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