Circuit Board Repair

East Coast Slots employs some of the best technicians and electronics engineers in the country.  We proudly offer repair services of almost any part of your slot machine at competitive pricing.  Circuit board repair is generally about $125 USD each and smaller components are usually around $60 USD.

Examples of circuit board repair we offer

  • Bluebird CPU repair
  • Bluebird Backplane repair
  • Bluebird 2 CPU repair
  • IGT AVP Brainbox repair (any version)
  • IGT AVP Communication Backplane repair
  • Bally Pro Elite 2 Board repair
  • Bally 300mhz or 400mhz board repair
  • IGT 044 board repair or backplane repair
  • Many many more! Too many to list!

These are just a few examples of things we commonly repair.  We also do LCD service.

LCD services include

  • Video Board repair
  • Power supply or inverter repair
  • New CFL bulbs in the panel
  • Touch screen services

Other parts we commonly repair

  • JCM UBA repair
  • JCM WBA repair
  • MEI Cashflow repair
  • Universal Gen 2 Printer repair


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We really can fix just about anything you can find in a slot machine.  Circuit board repair is our specialty. Our electronic engineers not only repair boards but in some cases re-engineer parts of the design so you never have this problem again. We also claim the highest percentage of fixable boards like 98% of all Bluebird 2 boards repaired (some challenges were water damaged or had holes blown in them.)  You will not find a more capable or more experienced team anywhere.

If you have any repair needs or just to get pricing, contact the engineers directly.

(214) 283-6353

0012142836353 (international)

texting and whatsapp messaging available