Onsite Tech Support

East Coast Slots is proud to offer onsite tech support.  If you have a casino anywhere in the world that could use the expert help of our technicians, feel free to inquire.  Technicians generally charge $60 USD per hour for any country.  You will also be required to cover the costs of transportation, hotel, and meal expenses. While out of the country the technicians usually prefer to work 10-12 hour days to solve the problems as fast as possible and get back to the US. Our traveling technicians speak English, Spanish, or Portuguese. If you are from a country that doesn’t speak one of those, you will also be required to supply a translator for everyone’s benefit.  All onsite jobs are different and any special terms or conditions will be fully understood and agreed upon by both client and technician. All international sites also require a minimum of 10 hours unless another agreement is worked out.

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