Phone Support

Phone support with the technicians is the most popular form of support.  If you are a current customer, phone support will always be free. We have an incredible reconditioning process and we stand behind our product 100%. If you are not a customer of ours, you will still be able to receive phone support for a small fee.  You can be put in touch with one of the technicians that specialize in your manufacturer for expert help. Our fee is $15 USD per 30 minutes.  Any call lasting a couple minutes usually will not be charged.  Most problems are resolved in under 30 minutes anyway so the average cost is $15.

Phone support offered

  • Telephone call
  • Whatsapp (wifi voice calling)
  • Skype (voice or video calling)
  • FaceTime (Apple video calling)

If you are not a current customer

We had to start charging for these calls because of the sheer volume of calls we get looking for help. Technicians earn some of the highest salaries in the company and it was costing us quite a bit of money. You will not be charged until after the call is completed.  You will not be charged if for any reason the technician was unable to solve your problem.  After call order placement a technician will schedule a time with you when you can be in front of the machine and available.  All you need to do is call headquarters.  We will take your credit card information and transfer you to a technician for help.

(954) 974-3455  Headquarters

0019549743455  (international)

If you would prefer a free service, try the free email help instead.