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The history of the world’s number 1 provider of used slot machines

East Coast Slots has come a long way since we started in the used slot machines industry over 20 years ago.  The history of our company starts with 2 brothers, Dray and Nevin, who decided to open a shop in Dallas TX selling used slot machines. The original company, owned by Dray, was called Casino Slots. Our original business model was to sell used slot machines for home use in Texas, since it was completely legal to own used slot machines for personal use and there was a high demand.  Our Dallas location became one of the first 300 websites on the internet and attracted customers from all over the world including Africa and Russia.  The Dallas location was a hit!  We had the best technicians in the industry making an incredible product for expanding markets worldwide.  It was so successful that we moved into a new 185,000 square foot building, becoming the largest privately owned used slot machines business in the world!

Old Warehouse Used Slot Machines

At one point we had over 18,000 used slot machines in stock.  That’s about the equivalent of 5 to 6 full size casinos under one roof.

Old Warehouse 2 Used Slot Machines

As time went on, the emerging used slot machines market started shifting to South America and the Caribbean.  South Florida became the hot spot for international travelers coming to the USA looking for used slot machines.  The older of the two brothers (Nevin) soon moved to the Miami area to join the growing South Florida market and opened East Coast Slots.  As time went on, East Coast Slots began dominating the industry with our advanced technical knowledge, quality products, and wholesale philosophy.  Our business model that made the difference was simple:


“We’re going to give the customers the best price and value we possibly can.  Most companies try to make as much money as they can off anyone that walks in the door.  I’m going to give the customers the best possible deal I can and I know that more business will come.  I don’t need to make a lot of money off one sale, I just need to sell a lot of games.”

Nevin Moorman


This philosophy has led to the fastest growing, sales dominating company the industry has ever seen. We’ve grown from a small slot operation, doing thousands of dollars in sales, to a massive operation doing millions of dollars in gross sales every year.  The business in South Florida was so good that Nevin bought out Dray and moved the entire Dallas operation to South Florida. We now have 3 warehouses in south Florida and 1 warehouse in the Dallas area.


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Another thing that makes us different from the competition is the type of people we are.  Nevin is a very upstanding man of honor and integrity and believes in the value of a handshake and keeping his word.  You can shop with us in confidence that you will be taken care of and treated like family.  As Nevin always says:


“I don’t want to sell you one time.  It does me no good to just sell you once.  I want to service your account for years to come as we continue to grow together.”

Nevin Moorman


These are the fundamentals that make East Coast Slots who we are today.  We are the largest, highest volume moving, privately owned used slot machines company in the USA.  Do yourself a favor and come see us.  We’d love the opportunity to shake your hand and show you what we’re all about.